Services included with your OPM Retainer:

Services included with your OPM Retainer:

Managing your company's online presence has become a full-time job of tedious tasks. Keeping up with the changes to search algorithms, Google SEOs, social site updates, and new features. This is where iM Image Marketing can help. Our dedicated marketing staff will learn about your industry and find the best ways to put you in front of potential clients.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO

Showing up in the top positions on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc when someone is searching for your product or services is an ongoing task of staying ahead of your competition. Google, and other lesser used search engines are constantly making adjustment to their search criteria to keep the content appearing high up on search results new and fresh. It takes specially crafted and phrased content to break through to the first page. We track keywords that are most searched in your industry and make changes to the content of your website to place you toward the top.

Social Media Management

Over the last 10 years social sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and others have become the go-to news and entertainment source for billions of people and the use continues grow. Keeping your social pages active is vital to your Online Presence Management (OPM). Google tracks your activity and uses it as one of its ranking measurements. We keep your social pages active and work with you to curate your company's news and info across the platforms that fit you best.

Website Design

Building a website should be your first priority if you’re looking to establish or improve upon your small business's online presence. Your website can (if done correctly) build your credibility, help establish trust with your prospective customers, and ultimately be a big part of why a customer chooses you over your competition. However, not all websites are equal.

Graphic Design

Hiring a full-time graphic designer for your small business oftentimes isn’t a cost-effective solution for meeting your advertising needs. Although, we offer graphic design services included in our monthly retainer fees, we also include these services on an as-needed basis for non-clients. Our in-house graphic designers work on a wide variety of projects.

iM Image Marketing

iM Image Marketing is a full service marketing and design agency located in Canfield, Ohio. We offer a number of services, including marketing consulting, web design, print design, printing service, brand management, and social media maintenance.

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