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6 Ways to Work ON Your Business, not IN it

Too often, we all get bogged down with the daily tasks, interruptions, emergencies, and fires that need put out in your working lives. This not only saps our energy, but makes us less productive and less effective in the long run. Here are six ways to take back some of that lost time and energy and start achieving the growth your business needs.

Here are 6 ways to work on your business,…

7 Ways To Improve Your Time Management

In today's digital age, we are often overwhelmed with information and interruptions. We are constantly bombarded by email, phone calls, text messages, tweets, Facebook updates, and drop in visitors. We, as business people, tend to struggle just to keep up.

Your time is your most valuable asset. Here are a few tips you can use to maximize your time and take control of your life.


Lessons learned from a trip to California

About two years ago, I attended the International BNI® Conference in Long Beach California.  I spent a week there in director's training and several other breakout sessions and keynotes.  While I learned a lot about how to grow BNI®, and to do BNI® better, I also jotted down some other lessons I wanted to share with you.

- All highly successful people read... a lot.  Quite…

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