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I Have a Good Business, Why Should I Worry about Branding?

You have put your heart, sweat, and soul into your business. You have made it your mission, and it has become your life. You pride yourself in your customer service and all the other aspects of your business, so what is this branding stuff all about?

Whether you have a business that carries brands of merchandise or you provide a service of some kind, you already have a brand. It is YOU, it…

Marketing for Small Business (Part 1)

We deal with our fair share of different clients at iM Image Marketing, ranging from start up businesses who need help branding for the first time to valley staples taking a deeper look into their online presence.

Regardless, it is fair to say that we understand small business marketing at its core, and the unique challenges that they (we) face.


Your Business Card - Your Company's Most Visible Asset

Your business card is the front line in your company's identity. It's the first thing you hand a potential client, it's the thing they will keep the longest, and it's the thing you always need to have on hand. So what makes for a good business card? There are a dizzying array of options out there. Let's talk about a few characteristics.

There are several paper options available. Most…

What Is Your Brand Identity?

Your brand identity is the collection of the colors, shapes, and general look and feel of all your marketing material. This should be congruent across the board.

Often when people think of an identity package, they think of the business card, letterhead, and mailing envelopes. While this is correct, there is much more to it than that. What about your signage, your shirt, your website, and…

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