I Have a Good Business, Why Should I Worry about Branding?

I Have a Good Business, Why Should I Worry about Branding?

You have put your heart, sweat, and soul into your business. You have made it your mission, and it has become your life. You pride yourself in your customer service and all the other aspects of your business, so what is this branding stuff all about?

Whether you have a business that carries brands of merchandise or you provide a service of some kind, you already have a brand. It is YOU, it is your business name, it is your reputation, and mostly it is what people think of when they hear or read the name of your business. For example, when you see the very simple symbol of two golden arches, what do you think of?


Exactly. Those arches are imprinted in people’s minds and instantly convey a certain type of food, an expected level of customer service, a price range, and maybe even specific charities. All of that combined is that company’s branding.

So, when people hear or read your business name, what comes to mind for them? Do you have a symbol for your business? You know, like that swish that instantly says athletic wear or the metallic peace symbol that also conveys quality in an automobile. iM Image Marketing can help you pull together these pieces into a cohesive brand.

The look of your logo and even the font, color, and positioning of your business name in print all convey your brand. Once chosen, it is essential that your brand is consistent across all of your print, social media, and internet messaging. Your brand is you, and you are your brand. If your branding hasn’t come together yet, even though you are growing a very successful business, you have the exciting opportunity to create or improve it.

The branding of your business is as unique as your fingerprint. In fact, in a way, it is the fingerprint of your business. So, have a great time being creative, pulling together all the uniqueness that makes your company great, and let iM Image Marketing work with you in putting your brand across an orchestrated plan to get your business where you want it to go.

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