Marketing for Small Business

Marketing for Small Business (Part 3)

As we were saying in our last blog, (click here if you haven’t yet read it part one or part two), we’re are discussing the 3 main marketing concepts all small businesses need to be concerning.

As we’ve already discussed how branding and visibility are important for all small businesses to understand, we’re on to our last concept which ties it all together-


There are many benefits to business networking:

  1. At iM Image Marketing, we always look at networking as relationship building exercise. Not only are we building relationships in our various business networking groups, such as BNI or Keep It Local Austintown (leading to quality referrals and lasting clients), it is also strengthens our relationship building muscles. You have the opportunity to hone your sales pitch and get more comfortable presenting in front of people making interactions with prospective clients and customers that much smoother.
  2. We all know the expression “shaking hands and kissing babies”- relationship building is the heart of all successful business and that is exactly what networking does.
  3. Business networking get your name out there more. Not only are you introducing yourself to more people, you are building relationships to where THEY’LL be putting your name out there to more people. 98% of small businesses rely on word of mouth referrals for new business*. *According to

We have been able to grow iM from the ground up with nearly 60% of our monthly clientele being traced back to BNI alone.

Now, I know it is easy to say “I’ll go if I have time”, but you truly should be making the time to go to networking events. You can’t afford not to- as the growth networking can have on your business is going to be hard to replicate elsewhere. People want to do business with people they can trust.

However, that can be said with these three marketing concepts that even the busiest businesses need to be considering: their branding, visibility and networking opportunities.

Only then can you truly master Small Business Marketing.

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