Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing for Small Business (Part 2)

As we were saying in our last blog, (click here if you haven’t yet read it), we’re are discussing the 3 main marketing concepts all small businesses need to be concerned with.

Now, in order for your branding to be effective, you have to have your name out there; which brings me to my next point-


The more places you can be, the better.

The more people you can reach, the better.

A Website, a Facebook, a Twitter, your Google Listing, a Cable Commercial, the Town Shopper Envelope, Being on the news, Sponsoring events…

All of that goes hand and hand together.

Be visible. Statistically speaking, customers don’t act the first time they hear about your business and you don’t know how many times it may take for your dream client to see your name before they jump to action. Some research suggests an average of 7 “touch points” or contacts to be necessary for a sale, while others find that number may actually be closer to 12. The DMA Blog's Article

That means you can’t focus on immediate results, you have to look at the big picture.

You’re not going to always see an immediate spike in business when you buy a billboard; however, you have to trust if you’re out there enough- eventually you will touch customers enough to close a sale.

However, this also go back to branding and consistency.

People need to see a clear message and brand from you for your several touch points to be effective.

And this is really common sense; think to yourselves, how many times do you think “I need to get a haircut” before you book the appointment? You are reminding yourself constantly (just by looking in the mirror) that your hair is too long, yet it takes you weeks to seek action.

You’re need to be that “mirror” for your customers- reminding them they need your service or product, and they need that service or product from YOU.

Now, for effective visibility, we require our clients to take some basic visibility steps in the categories I listed above as a bare minimum, but the more places you can get your names out there- the better, which brings me to my next point- networking.

To continue on to the next concept that your small business needs to be considering, Networking, click here.

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