Marketing for Small Businesses

Marketing for Small Business (Part 1)

We deal with our fair share of different clients at iM Image Marketing, ranging from start up businesses who need help branding for the first time to valley staples taking a deeper look into their online presence.

Regardless, it is fair to say that we understand small business marketing at its core, and the unique challenges that they (we) face.

With that being said, a lot of small businesses face the dilemma of getting caught up working IN the business… and not spending as much time as they need working ON the business.

And we get it. At iM, we’re even guilty of it ourselves. It is great to have the mentality that clients come first, but that doesn’t mean you can be neglecting your business all together.

In this blog, we’re going to talk about 3 basic marketing concepts, that every small businesses NEED to be have considering (regardless of your volume or size): your Branding, Visibility, and Networking.


Let’s take a hypothetically, show of hands, raise your hand if you have a logo for your business. (Bonus points if you have a vector file of that logo.)

If you do not have a hand raised- a logo is the best first investment you could make in terms of branding your business.

And if your hand is raised (you can put it down now), congratulations, you’re taking steps in the right directions but a logo is only the first step to effectively branding your business.

For your branding to be effective, your business needs to go as far as to create a cohesive look for all of your content, on all of your platforms.

Effective branding involves the sign in front of your business, the uniforms your staff wear, your business cards and all other printed materials, your email signature, your Facebook posts… it is all those little things can be so easily overlooked. Your brand is your identity and it should be consistent across the board.

Think of your favorite brand, whether it be Nike or Oreo cookies.

I bet you can remember their logo or packaging.

Branding is to thank for brand recognition. If you want to look and feel like an established business, you need to brand like an established business.

Our advice: work out those little details. Pick out a color scheme and design a logo you love (don’t fall for the common mistakes that are made with logo design, click here to learn more) and build your marketing platform from there.

Effective branding is so easily overlooked but truly helps people recognize and remember your business.

To continue on to the next concept that your small business needs to be considering, click here.

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