2016 Year-End Wrap Up

Hello friends! Chelsie here!

It’s the end of the year, you know what that means? We’re looking back on 2016 and planning ahead for 2017. We also want your feedback! Check out what we’ve been up to this year.

This last year, iM has stayed busy building websites for many of our clients. In fact, we’ve built about twenty websites this year alone! For our three-and-a-half man team, that’s quite a bit! This year we’ve also added our ‘half’ team member Hannah. Hannah helps us out part time as our listings manager and as project support. She’s been an integral part of helping us customize our listings, as well as getting a few of those websites finished.

In addition to signing three of our biggest clients this year, we’ve been hard at work helping to plan for the Youngstown Marathon, which is set for June 4, 2017. We enjoy spending time in the community and helping out! We would love to see everyone in Youngstown come out and support the community for this event, too! We’ll be helping with the marathon, but we’re also looking for other events to fill up the weekend. Let us know if you want to hold an event, and we’ll make sure to get it publicized as part of the festivities. For more information, give us a call!

Our Golden Trello Monitor

Also in 2016, we were challenged to a little competition by our friends at The Town Shopper to a friendly game of bowling. It was a fun night, and definitely one to remember! We won the coveted (by who we don’t know) Golden Trello Monitor. We’ve created a special place just for all it’s golden glory.

We’re excited to announce that in 2017, we’ll be moving our office to a larger location to allow us more room to grow. While we’re only moving thirty feet or so, we are almost tripling our current size and doubling Mike’s commute. It’s a big move for us, but we plan on moving in by the end of January. I have staked claim to my corner office and already have my desk picked out for maximum efficiency.

For 2017, we want to take a couple steps forward and plan ahead with you. We want to know what you’re up to ahead of time to better help prepare you. Because we’re getting so busy, it really helps us plan our days when we know what is coming down the line. This means you get what you need on time and everybody can sleep a little better knowing all of the planning is in place. I’m a compulsive planner, that’s why I fit in so well here. This year, we would appreciate if you could take a few minutes and fill out this form. It’s a way for us to collect some information and see how we can improve your customer experience.

If you have any good news about your company, let us know! We’re happy to send out the news to the rest of our clients in our announcements. Also, we serve a ton of different clients, so don’t hesitate to ask us if you need a good reference. We trust each and every one of you and have used many of your services ourselves.

From our team to yours, we wish you a happy New Year full of love, prosperity, and good health!

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