3 Reasons To Take Your Web Presence More Seriously

In this day and age, technology is at our fingertips. Therefore, more so than ever, having a business website and business-affiliated social media accounts are essential to the success of your business. However, understandably, not every owner of a business has the time to keep updated and tech savery while running their empire. Here at iM Image Marketing, we understand the importance of taking control of your online presence when you just don't have the time (and who really does?).

Here's why that is such an important concept:


A business's website and corresponding social media (such as Facebook) are a prime chance to solidify your business. Many people check a business's website or Facebook before they ever stop in to check a place out. If you want credibility for your business: you need a website that reflects your brand to the fullest. It is also a perfect opportunity to solidify that you please your customers by posting testimonials and reviews from past happy clients.


Your website and social media account are available around the clock, 24/7. Can the same be said for your brick and mortar store? Furthermore, can the same be said about you (we don't blame you if you need a little sleep)? Websites give customers a chance to explore their options at any time and from the comfort of their bed! Customers have so many choices on places that offer the convenience of a website; if you don't have one- you set yourself at a disadvantage.


A website and social media are your chance to control how your name is out there on the web. Mailing postcards and flyers may be beneficial to your business, but it isn't enough on its own anymore. On your website/social media can advertise your latest promotions, sales, discounts, and even new products/services for sale. A customer just seeing your name pop up from posting on your social media account puts you in the forefront of their mind.

Now, what are you waiting for?
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