7 Ideas For Social Media Posts

In today's age, Facebook is the new newspaper. That's the place where people go to get their news. Some folks use Twitter for the same thing and LinkedIn for industry-specific news. We all know this, and we also know that we should post to these social networks daily. If you're posting once a day, that's 365 individual posts on each network every year. If you post twice a day, you're looking at having to come up with 730 pieces of content in a year. Where in the world are you supposed to come up with all those ideas? I'm here to help.

1. Links to your website.

If your website has 30 pages on it, you've got 30 posts right there. Post a quick summary of what the page is about and link to it. The idea here is to drive additional traffic to your site, and let the user poke around more after they've read the page in the original link.

2. Links to blog articles.

If you're diligent about posting to your blog, you likely have accumulated quite a few articles to link to. As is typical with a blog, the older articles end up further down the list and may no longer get any clicks from people reading newer articles. However, the age may not mean they are any less relevant; they just got buried. Linking to them will bring them to the forefront for your users and give them new life. 20 blog posts will become 20 new social links.

3. Repurpose numbers one and two.

Let's say you have an article entitled "12 superfruits to improve your health". You can create a social media post linking to it using avocados as the headline, then a second with pomegranate as the lead. This practice can easily double the number of social media posts you can get out of each page or blog post on your website.

4. What's going on around the office?

These are the most fun kind of posts, and the ones that typically drive the highest engagement. Recent examples here at iM: We are working on remodeling the basement to become our new office. Mike posted a photo of the nearly empty room with bare studs, and an iM sign on a chair with the caption "The future home of iM Image Marketing." This post got ten times the reach of the average link post. We got even better engagement on a selfie with a young man we had in the office for a job shadow. You don't need a lot of these, but people like to see what's going on, and see you as "real people," not just a company.

A photo of John Chandler at Paladin Brewing in the act of brewing a new beer got 3-5 times the engagement of posts announcing the new beer. You can pretty easily add 50 of these over the course of a year, as you think of it. Don't force it. Just keep at eye open for something interesting to happen while you're at work and it will come naturally. It could be a package arriving with some new product, a pallet of product getting loaded on a truck, or a client coming in with a festive Christmas sweater (with that client's permission of course).

5. Articles your followers would find interesting.

I'm a big fan of marketing by education. Social media should bring value to your followers, so giving them information and articles they can use can help them in their business while painting you in a positive light at the same time. If you find a few websites relevant to your business, sign up for their email newsletter, or add them to an RSS reader such as Digg or Feedly. These are free services that collect updates from various websites of your choice in one place, so there is no need to go looking for new articles. You can also follow similar (non-direct competition) pages on Facebook, and share content from there. I follow quite a few pages on Facebook simply for the purpose of finding new content for clients. This practice can easily add 3 or more posts every week.

6. Make some graphics.

Posts with big bold photos get seen by more people than a text post. Big bold photos work best. While we use Illustrator and Photoshop to create graphics for people, there are some free tools out there to do the same. Canva.com is pretty popular and easy to use. A big photo with a message of some sort about your business or inspirational quote is great. Make sure you include your logo and contact information on it so that you stay associated with it when people share it.

When you download photos, don't do a Google image search. You'll end up using copyrighted images which can get you in trouble. Use a stock photo site such as iStockPhoto.com or GraphicStock.com. We get most of ours from Adobe Stock. Stay legal, stay safe. It's also important to make sure you use high-quality photos and try to stick to recommended sizes. For Facebook use 1200x900 pixels (or 1200x630). This size also works well for Twitter. Instagram and prefers square photos and you can use 900x900 or 1080x1080, which they scale down to 612x612. LinkedIn prefers links over image posts. If you made a set of 50 images over time, that's a good way to go to provide some variety. You don't need to do them all at once. A couple at a time as you have time to do it every couple weeks will be okay.

7. Holiday posts

Celebrate the major holidays with a social media post! If you post about New Years, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas that's ten posts over the course of a year. There are certainly many more national holidays, as well as unofficial holidays like "Hug a Plumber Day" (April 25).


If you do the above as described, you've got 366 social media posts for the year ready to go. Want to post twice a day? Double them up. There's nothing that says you can't post the same thing in July that you did in January. Keep a library of these posts so you can reuse them. Buffer lets us do this. You can also use a spreadsheet or text file for this purpose. There are many tools available to allow you to schedule these so you don't have to post every day manually, but that's a subject for another blog post.

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