5 Tools Everyone in Marketing Should Use

A marketer’s job is never done. At iM, we are constantly working to stay on top of the marketing world to provide our clients with the best services to make their companies grow. We research tools to help us grow more efficient in our tasks, tools to help make our clients more reachable,  and tools to help our clients make the biggest bang for their buck. We want more for our clients than just to help their businesses grow, though. At iM, educating our clients on the importance of marketing and how to use marketing tools is one of our top priorities. We believe that everyone should be in sales and marketing, and you should always work to further your company. We’ve put together a list of our five favorite tools we use to help our clients--and ourselves--be a better marketing and sales team.

  1. Trello – Trello is by far my favorite marketing tool. While it doubles as a to-do list, it has a ton of options for other business needs. One of the main things we use Trello for at iM is keeping our clients' contact information. Trello can be modified using some of the add-ons as a basic CRM system. With each client on a card, you can house their contact info, attach documents, and mark the communications. We also frequently use Trello as a communication tool with our clients who are a little bigger. You can have many people on a board to create an online forum to make sure your marketing tasks are getting done and keep project specific communications together in one place.

  2. Facebook – Kind of silly, I know. Almost everyone uses Facebook nowadays, but you’d be surprised at how many people don’t know how to use it efficiently. If you’re a marketing professions, you should be well versed in running adds, managing your business account though the business manager, and understanding your analytics. You can reach thousands of users for a couple of dollars a day, and still only reach those users in your target market.

  3. Google Analytics – We install Google Analytics on every site we create. These analytics are the best way to see what works and what doesn’t. At iM, we’ve researched the analytics of a website to find out that the price of a product was scaring people away. After we removed the pricing, visitors were much more responsive. Analytics can also be used to see how people are getting to your website, what terms they are searching for, and how many people are using your website. All of this data make for a great base to advertising since you’ll know what your audience ‘looks’ like.

  4. Canva – If you’re handling your own marketing, look into Canva. While we use professional graphic design software, we know that not all companies need to spend that kind of money. Canva is a free site that lets you build social content for your social channels. They have pre-built templates, and you just drag and drop your content. We like to introduce this site to our clients when they are in need of a way to make their posts ‘pretty’. While we have customized posting frequency for each client, some clients like to post last minute specials or events. Canva is perfect for helping them create a professional image.

  5. Buffer – Finally, we’ll take a page from Sam, our social media guru. His favorite marketing tool we use is Buffer. It is similar to Hootsuite, in that it allows us to schedule posts, but it also helps us keep track of posts on our social calendar. With Buffer, you can schedule posts in bulk, but still make each one personalized. It takes your hour a day in social marketing and combines it into a couple of hours each month. We still need to create graphics for each post, but keeping them in Buffer makes sure that each client is posting daily.

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