Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

The US Postal Service has a service we have been using a lot of over the past year called Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). EDDM allows for a company to saturate a specified neighborhood or zip code with postcards very inexpensively. We feel this is an excellent advertising medium for many businesses because a person cannot get from your mailbox to a trash can without reading it. You can be sure that every postcard you send will be seen.

How does it work?

First, call your local marketing company (us) and have them design a postcard for you. There are only certain sizes that are permitted to use in the EDDM program, and we know which sizes are allowed, as well as the simplified addressing and indicia required. We recommend including offer or coupon on the postcard to spur people to call when they receive it, or to bring the postcard in, which makes it easier to track your ROI.

Step two is to get the postcard printed. We normally advise printing at least 5,000 due to the quantity price breaks, and you want to be able to send out enough of them to ensure saturation in an area. Our printer will ship them to our office where we count and package the postcards for delivery to the post office.

Third, decide what area you'd like to target. The USPS Every Door Direct Mail tool allows you to choose mail routes within five miles of an address you specify. The tool will show a map where you can choose individual mail carrier routes to target. There is some demographic information available to you, such as age, average household income, and average household size. You can also choose whether to include business addresses in your mailing. Once your routes are chosen, the EDDM tool shows the total number of mailboxes and postage cost. Postage rates are currently only 17.5 cents per postcard (The post office calls them flats) when mailed through EDDM. This is a deeply discounted rate compared to the standard 34-49 cents when not using EDDM.

When postage is purchased, the EDDM tool allows you to print a list of the mail routes showing how many postcards go to each route (usually between 500-900) and what post offices to take them to. We count the exact number of postcards needed for each mail route (yes, by hand), bundle them in groups of 100, and put the correct number of postcards for each route in baskets provided by the post office. We then take them to each post office specified, and they are delivered the next day.

At iM Image Marketing, we handle the entire process for you. We design, print, order postage, count, bundle, and deliver the postcards for you. All you need to do is just sit back and wait for the phone to ring. Depending on quantity, the total with printing and postage ends up being between 28 and 32 cents per home. We have some clients here in Youngstown that mail to as many as 20-25,000 homes per month with us. Well worth the investment as part of your overall marketing plan.

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