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5 Mistakes people make in logo design

Your logo is the key to your company brand. It's the primary identifying factor for your company. A great logo can go a long way toward building a brand that's universally recognized and successful, while a poorly designed logo can hinder a company's growth based on the impression it gives. While we encourage hiring a professional marketing agency to design your company logo, we would also like to offer some tips to help you avoid common pitfalls if you do it yourself.

Logo Mistake 1: Using Too Many Colors

While it can really help to make a design visually appealing, using too many colors can hinder the business later as they try to reproduce it on different types of media. For example, if your logo will be screen printed on a t-shirt, the screen printer will create and apply a
separate screen for each color, adding time and expense to the process of printing each shirt. Keep this in mind when creating the logo for your company. We also like to do simplified versions of a logo, that only have one or two colors, but are still recognizable. It's far easier to plan this in the beginning stages than retrofit it later.

Logo Mistake 2: Using Stock Photos or Clipart

This can cause several problems. First, you want to have an original logo. Using a stock (or even worse, Google image search) image does not ensure this will be the case. It also may not be scalable to larger sizes. Your logo needs to look good on something as small as a business card and as large as a billboard. Using clipart will make your company look cheap, and you'll run the risk of using the same image as one of your competitors. Also, don't try to emulate someone else's logo. All you'll do is remind people of the better known brand.

Logo Mistake 3: Too Complex or Confusing

Simplicity is important when designing a logo. It should be easily recognizable, accurately reflect your brand, and be transferable to different colors and media. The simplest logo in the world, Nike, is generally considered one of the best. It works on everything, in any color. Try to keep things minimalistic and don't get too clever. People need to understand it at a glance.

Logo Mistake 4: Too Many or Inappropriate Fonts

Font choice is a huge decision in creating a company logo. If you're a financial advisor, a classy looking serif font makes a lot more sense than comic sans. Make sure you choose a font that's easily readable, and don't use too many. Try to limit yourself to two fonts in your logo design.

Logo Mistake 5: Not Using a Vector Graphic Design Program

When doing graphic design, there are two types of programs available. The first type is a raster program, such as Photoshop. Second is a vector program such as Illustrator. The difference is that a raster program is based on dots and individual pixels, where a vector program is based on lines. This means that a vector image will scale up to any size without loss of quality, but a raster image will still look good when you make it smaller, but not bigger. Again, it needs to look good on a business card as well as a billboard.

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