5 Reasons You Need To Hire A Copywriter

Copywriting is an essential function in any company regardless of industry. Let's think about that for a second. No matter what industry you're in, you need someone creating content for any number of media types. Among them:

- Brochures
- Websites
- Blog posts
- Company and employee bios
- Social media posts and profiles
- Ebooks

- Newsletters
- Email marketing
- Sales materials
- Company handbooks
- Case Studies
- Training materials

When you think about it, there's more copywriting work in your business than most people realize at first glance. We work with a church that produces so much content they may as well be a publishing company. Are you able to get it all done effectively and in a timely manner? If not, it may be time to hire someone to do it for you. Below are 5 signs you need to do just that.

1. You don't have enough leads or sales

You may not be getting enough traffic on your website. A big part of Search Engine Optimization is content. Google sniffs out the most relevant content for any search. If you have very little or ineffective content on your website, Google won't direct people there. On the other hand, maybe people are visiting your website, but the content there doesn't give them an incentive to pick up the phone. A good copywriter can go a long way toward solving both of these problems. This can also apply to print materials. Sure, you made some awesome looking brochures and your salespeople are dropping them off at every business in town, but if the content provided on these brochures doesn't make people want to call you for your product or service, they won't.

2. You aren't reaching the right prospects

Perhaps you're getting a lot of leads, but they aren't the right leads. If you're looking for one demographic, you may use the words "value", "inexpensive", or "great deal", but for another demographic, you'll want to use "premier", "upscale", "highest quality". Word choice is important, as is consistency across all advertising platforms. If your sales brochure says "upscale" but your website says "inexpensive", you're sending mixed messages.

3. Your email marketing campaigns are not leading to sales

If you're doing email marketing in your business, the end goal is to achieve sales. Whether it's a sales piece with a hard close or an educational piece with a soft close, you expect a sale, or at the very least an opportunity for a sale, sooner or later. If they aren't coming, re-examine the past messages. Perhaps your messages aren't clear or lack a call to action. Does your audience understand the point you're trying to convey? Remember to track the open rate. You may need a subject line to get people to open them in the first place.

4. Your seminars are not filling

Seminars are a great way to promote your business. I love marketing by education. Invite the town to come hear you speak on a topic of interest to them, and establish yourself as an expert on the subject. This is a proven method for gaining clients. But, there's also a lot of work involved in putting it together. Not only do you need content for the presentation itself, but you need to create the promotional materials to inform people of the event and get them there. This can (and should) include press releases, flyers, Facebook events, and more. That's a lot of ad copy that needs written and distributed over the course of a month or so leading up to the event.

5. You have a lot of great ideas and simply don't have time to write about them

As an entrepreneur, part of your job is being a visionary. As a visionary, you come up with a lot of great ideas for ways to grow and promote your business. However, an entrepreneur also tends to have limited time available to write these ideas down, research, develop, and fine tune them. Giving a good copywriter an outline overview of what you want to cover, you can take this off your plate and get back to being an entrepreneur.

Hiring a copywriter should be viewed as an investment in your business. If you have someone else that specializes in creating content, you can be freed up to do what you do best. In the long run, this means more clients, more visibility for your company, and more income!

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