Why should you hire someone else to write your blog?

As a business owner, you're busy. You have to handle the day-to-day tasks of running your business, talking to clients, selling, managing employees, paperwork, financials, and everything else that goes along with being an entrepreneur. However, you know that blogging can be an effective way to reach more people, and to touch base with your current clientele, so you go in full force, and faithfully write posts for two, maybe three weeks. Then you got busy. If you've got a choice between sitting around writing, and closing that next big sale....

I get that. One alternative is to simply not have a blog at all. Unfortunately, this hurts your Search Engine Optimization, and there's a huge missed opportunity when you give up on the idea. Also, if you have a blog with no recent posts, it looks bad to your potential clients. Imagine someone landing on your home page and seeing the last blog post was a year ago. Their first thought is to wonder if you're still in business.

Ok, ok, so I should  have a blog. Why should I pay someone else to write it?

  1. You don't have time. See above.

  2. You don't like to write. After all, if you wanted to be a professional writer, you'd do that.

  3. You just aren't good at it. Some people just don't have the touch. Usually they are more than willing to admit it, and hand it off.

  4. You understand that you can charge X dollars per hour to make widgets, and zero dollars per hour to write. Therefore, why would you?

  5. If you do write a great blog post, you may not know how to get it formatted and published online.

  6. You haven't spent any time researching how Google reads web content, and how to tailor your writing to be both human-friendly and Google-friendly.

The major concern some business owners may have is that while they are the expert in their field, the person writing the blog may not be. A good copywriter will do their research, and won't publish anything without you reading it first. Nonetheless, we would recommend giving them to start with, a list of subjects to write about, articles to work from, (a good copywriter will use a plagiarism checker), maybe give them a few bullet points to flesh out into full paragraphs.

There are a million reasons why blogging is a good idea, but you don't have to do it yourself. Just like with your accountant, landscaper, and auto mechanic, there are plenty of good reasons to hire a professional.

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