Using Data Aggregators for Local SEO

Is your company's data accurate throughout the web? How would you know if it wasn't? How would you correct it?

FIrst, we need to understand something. When a consumer searches for a product or service you offer, it is not just your company's website that gets indexed and shown in the search results. You may see other listings first, such as Google Maps results, advertisements, and also internet directory listings such as Yelp, Superpages,, Manta and the like. Where do these companies get your business information? Well, anywhere they can. They may get some from your website, but they'll also get it from filings with the state, phone book listings, other listing companies, and anywhere else they can. Without any interaction from you, this takes about six months to propagate through the internet. Now the catch is, all of this information may or may not be accurate. Numerous times I've seen wrong addresses and phone numbers out there. The problem is, if you don't know about the incorrect listings, you don't even know how much business you're losing because people can't contact you.

2012 chevy cruzeNow, before we get upset at the listing companies for having inaccurate information out there, let's relax. It isn't their fault. Did you ever play that game as a kid where everyone sits around in a circle, and you whisper a story to the person next to you, and they do the same? By the time it gets back around to you, "Jimmy went to the store and bought milk, bread,and orange juice." has become "Janie went with Mike to the Chevy dealer and bought an orange Cruze."

Ok, that makes sense. So what can I do about it?

Well, a couple things. One is to do some searches, and correct all the listings yourself. Considering there are more than 120 major directories, creating an account and putting all the information in can be a little time consuming. Another option is to use a data aggregator such as Localeze. These services let you input your data once, and the services disseminate the information for you. This ensures that the information is correct, accurate, and consistent throughout the web. This process takes 90 days normally.

We employ a mixed approach to this. We use Localeze to fill in the correct information for companies, and consider this our "bottom up" approach. Meanwhile, we use services like and others to identify major internet listings, claim them, correct and optimize them. This is our "top down" approach. The two approaches meet in the middle and our clients end up with verified, optimized, and synchronized listings throughout the web.

Want to know the extra bonus? Every one of those listings links back to your website, thereby increasing the number of backlinks to your site from other reputable websites. This in turn bumps up your organic search rankings. Talk about a win-win!

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