Planning your 2014 goals

As the year comes to a close, often you'll hear people talk about New Year's resolutions.  While this is good, just deciding to do something doesn't really mean it will get done.  I'd like to talk for a few minutes about creating a plan to make these things happen.

First, write down everything you want to accomplish next year.  This can be income goals, health goals, business goals, personal development, whatever you like.  The next thing you need to do is put them in order of importance.

Planning your 2014 goalsOnce you have your list of goals, in order of importance, get out a second sheet of paper.  On this paper, write the first (most important) goal at the top.  Now, on that sheet of paper, write down everything you can do to help you accomplish that goal.  Break this list down to the most basic tasks.  Now prioritize this list.  Repeat the process for each major goal on your list.

Once you've accomplished this, what you have in front of you is a to-do list.  Finally, take this to-do list and transfer it to your calendar.  Spread it out over the year.  If your major goal is to write a book this year, don't expect to get it done in January.  It's important to be realistic about your expectations for yourself.  Plan to write a chapter every two weeks, and by December you'll have 26 chapters.  By putting the individual tasks on your calendar, you've created a plan to accomplish each of your goals.

Don't wait for January first, get started today.

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