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Marketing for Small Business (Part 3)

As we were saying in our last blog, (click here if you haven’t yet read it part one or part two), we’re are discussing the 3 main marketing concepts all small businesses need to be concerning.

As we’ve…

Spring Clean Your Business

Spring is here, the birds are chirping, grass is visible, flowers blooming. It's time to put the screen windows back in, start cleaning up the garage and landscaping, and all that fun stuff. What about your business? Any spring cleaning to do there? If you're anything like the majority of business owners, there's plenty you can do to improve your business, without a lot of effort. Let's take a step…

Marketing for Small Business (Part 2)

As we were saying in our last blog, (click here if you haven’t yet read it), we’re are discussing the 3 main marketing concepts all small businesses need to be concerned with.

Now, in order for your branding to be effective, you have to have your name out there; which brings me to my next point-



Marketing for Small Business (Part 1)

We deal with our fair share of different clients at iM Image Marketing, ranging from start up businesses who need help branding for the first time to valley staples taking a deeper look into their online presence.

Regardless, it is fair to say that we understand small business marketing at its core, and the unique challenges that they (we) face.


Business Card Dos and Don'ts

In a previous post, we talked about some of the options for creating your business card, including paper types, color, and more. We will now spend a little time talking about what you should do when you actually get your card made, and what you do with it afterward.


- Get them professionally printed. There is an obvious difference between a professionally printed…

6 Ways to Work ON Your Business, not IN it

Too often, we all get bogged down with the daily tasks, interruptions, emergencies, and fires that need put out in your working lives. This not only saps our energy, but makes us less productive and less effective in the long run. Here are six ways to take back some of that lost time and energy and start achieving the growth your business needs.

Here are 6 ways to work on your business,…

The One Piece of Information You Need to Include on Everything

As a business owner, you need to include your website on every promotional item you have. This means your business cards, letterhead, flyers, brochures, pens, keychains, note pads, signage and whatever else you can think of.


In this day and age, when people look for more information on anything, or anyone, they go online. According to

5 Mistakes people make in logo design

Your logo is the key to your company brand. It's the primary identifying factor for your company. A great logo can go a long way toward building a brand that's universally recognized and successful, while a poorly designed logo can hinder a company's growth based on the impression it gives. While we encourage hiring a professional marketing agency to design your company logo, we would also like…

Your Business Card - Your Company's Most Visible Asset

Your business card is the front line in your company's identity. It's the first thing you hand a potential client, it's the thing they will keep the longest, and it's the thing you always need to have on hand. So what makes for a good business card? There are a dizzying array of options out there. Let's talk about a few characteristics.

There are several paper options available. Most…

Finding the balance between personal and business in social media

Let's start with the simple stuff. Use LinkedIn solely for business related posts. Keep pictures of the kids, political rants, or crazy weekend activities off there. It was meant for business and business alone, and it's best to keep it that way. Not only could you lose clients and potential clients now, but you may jeopardize future career opportunities. Companies often look for new employees via…

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