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iM Image Marketing was founded in 2008 by owner Mike Tarantino and has continued to grow in services and in team members. Now offering graphic design, web design, multimedia design, marketing consulting, and more!

Our Marketing Team, Ready to help your Online Business Marketing Needs

Mike Tarantino

CEO/Chief Visionary Officer

mike@imimagemarketing.com | (330)272-1493

Small business experience is an understatement when it comes to Mike, but it is just that which sets him apart. As the former owner of Creative Corners in Canfield, Ohio, which he successfully ran for 14 years, and current owner of iM Video Transfer, Tip Top Child Development Center, and iM Image Marketing, Mike understands the bottom line and the results of effective marketing. He is the Chief Visionary Officer at iM Image Marketing with his role being watching over each element of a client's marketing strategy and ensuring they're working together toward the same goal. He will find a way to fulfill your marketing needs, so you can focus on what you do best.

Our Marketing Team, Ready to help your Online Business Marketing Needs

Hannah Keeling

Project Manager

hannah@imimagemarketing.com | (330)272-1493

If you are ready to knock out a big project, Hannah is the one to call. Hannah is an incredibly versatile team member who is prepared to help you tackle every project, whether it be website content, ad design, and layout, or a variety of other versatile marketing strategies (now including web design.) Her focus is to keep the office on task so that we can accomplish even more than the team members could working independently. She brings a sharp eye to tasks before they come to you for approval so that your project undergoes fewer revisions. When she isn’t at work on her client's many projects, you can find her whitewater rafting, hiking, or just looking for the next adventure.

Our Marketing Team, Ready to help your Online Business Marketing Needs

Tijana Raicevic

Graphic Designer

tijana@imimagemarketing.com | (330)272-1493

With a keen eye for marketing design and branding, Tijana efficiently arranges many of the graphics that go out to our clients. Prior to this position, Tijana had been working as a graphic designer with UPS. Tijana is from Serbia but now lives in Canfield with her husband, James, and his kids, Rami, Adrianna, and Roslyn. She earned a BA in Graphic Design from The University of Findlay. While at Findlay, Ms. Raicevic was on the university tennis team and now gives tennis lessons in her free time.

Our Marketing Team, Ready to help your Online Business Marketing Needs

Nicole Pilolli

Social Media Strategist

nicole@imimagemarketing.com | (330)272-1493

If you want your company to be more present on Social Media, Nicole is our go-to Social Media Strategist. Nicole comes from a large Italian family so we know where her passion for social media to be fun and interactive comes from. Nicole graduated YSU with a double major in Advertising and Public Relations and a minor in Entrepreneurship. If Nicole isn’t at IM Image Marketing, you will find her at any of our local museums. She enjoys wandering the museums, watching anything Audrey Hepburn and figuring out the inner workings of social media.

Our Marketing Team, Ready to help your Online Business Marketing Needs

Abby Chandler

Photographer/ Videographer

abby@imimagemarketing.com | (330)272-1493

Abby began working with iM Image Marketing when her father opened the business in 2008. By that time, she and Mike had established CWC Productions, a photography and videography business that Abby still runs today. Throughout her portfolio, in addition to her passion for corporate photography and videography, you find that Abby loves to work with wedding couples and children. Abby is married to John Chandler of Paladin Brewing. She enjoys scrapbooking photos of the kids and loves to take them on adventures to parks, museums, and swimming. Keep an eye on her, and you will be sure to catch her snapping creative shots of your workspace to bring out the best in every space and situation.

Our Marketing Team, Ready to help your Online Business Marketing Needs

Dawna Macy

Content Developer


There is so much content out there on the web, so we need someone who can write unique content for our websites while keeping search engine optimization (SEO) techniques in mind. Dawna has close to 30 years experience working for financial, manufacturing and HR firms. Dawna works remotely from Cincinnati as our web content developer. She is the oldest sibling, and it's no coincidence that Mike Tarantino looks like her. With six grandchildren between Missouri and Utah, her work goes along with her when a grandma visit becomes necessary. If you can't find Dawna, look for any scrapbooking event or call Disney to see if she's visiting the mouse.

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iM Image Marketing is a full service marketing and design agency located in Canfield, Ohio. We offer a number of services, including marketing consulting, web design, print design, printing service, brand management, and social media maintenance.

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